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Here you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about this product. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Income Protection provided by AHI is available to WageProtect customers who permanently reside in Australia and are:

  • 15 to 59
  • an Australian citizen or
  • an Australian permanent resident or
  • a New Zealand citizen

Please note that maximum entry age is age 59 and cover expires at age 65. For existing members, cover will change from the anniversary date of the policy after your 60th birthday. From age 60, a premium loading of 10% will be applied every year. Your cover will also change at age 60 as follows:

For Accident: up to 52 weeks of benefits
For Sickness: up to 26 weeks of benefits

Personal Income Protection insurance covers you (after a 21 day waiting period) for lost income due to an accident or sickness that prevents you from working for up to two years. Exclusions apply. Please refer to the PDS for full terms and conditions.

Please refer to the "General Exclusions" section under the Product Disclosure Statement.

Changes to general exclusions

The following exclusion is deleted from the General Exclusions in the Policy Wording.

15. No cover is provided for an Insured Person playing or training for any code of football with a registered club or Insured Person being a registered player.

Changes to AHI Standard Definitions

The following definition is included in addition to the AHI Standards Definitions in the Policy Wording.

MENTAL HEALTH CONDITION means a condition, which is a Sickness, that an insured person is currently undergoing treatment for by a Certified Medical Practitioner AND psychiatrist or psychologist and results from an Insured Person directly or indirectly suffering from but not limited to stress, depression, anxiety, neurosis or any psychosomatic, psychological, psychotic, or other mental or nervous disorder.

No health checks or medical examinations are necessary. Keep in mind, though, pre-existing conditions are excluded.

You may be able to increase your insurance cover. You can do this by logging into your member account online to see if you are eligible. If you haven’t created an account with us, you will need to do this first, also online.

We need to send you important information from time to time so it’s important we have your up-to-date contact details. You can change your details by logging into your member account. If you haven’t created an account with us, you will need to do this first, also online.

You can pay for your insurance premiums by providing your credit card or bank details online. Premiums will be deducted on either a yearly, monthly or fortnightly basis according to your preference. We’ll set up an automatic payment schedule for you so you don’t need to worry about missing a payment.

Please note that insurance premiums can be increased at the discretion of the insurer. Should this occur, you will be notified and given the option to accept or not. There are many reasons why premiums can change; rest assured you will be notified of any changes.

Yes. Please consult your accountant or financial adviser for advice.

Income Protection payments will usually be tax assessable. Please consult your accountant or financial adviser for advice.

To make a claim, simply download this form and email it to claims@ahiinsurance.com.au.

No. This policy is provided on a ‘No Advice’ basis. You need to determine if this Product is appropriate for your financial situation based on your particular needs.

With Best Doctors, you and your immediate family have access to a global network of peer nominated, world leading medical minds. As a Personal Income Protection policyholder, you simply contact Best Doctors directly and they'll do the rest, including collecting medical records if required, spending whatever time necessary on your case and providing expert guidance at every step.

Yes, you can cancel your policy anytime. All policy cancellations must be made in writing. To cancel your policy, send an email to WageProtect@agigroup.com.au quoting your policy number.

Yes. There is 21 day cooling off period.